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Paul KnightI was born and raised in a small town in Northern Illinois.  Due to family circumstances, I began working at a very early age.  I believe this early introduction to being self-sufficient is why I have a strong work ethic and have no problem working independently.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 18 years old and began my tenure with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) as a Crime Prevention Specialist and Project Director.  It was during my employment with the city that I gained most of the foundation for my working career.  I began grant writing and successfully funded a new project.  Reporting to the Executive Director, the SFPD and the State of California Office of Criminal Justice Planning, I was responsible for establishing and directing the project.  One of the highlights of my working career was when I was awarded the State of California Governor's Victim Services/Public Safety Award.  I was the first "individual" to receive this award.

In 1991, I left my position with the SFPD in order to work for a non-profit organization that wanted to establish a similar program utilizing volunteers. I was responsible for the design, implementation, direction and funding for the new project. 

My career in web development began in 1997 when I was hired as a Technical Writer/Project Manager for the customer service support organization of a Fortune 500 company. Over a five year period while working with a team that supported an international customer service organization of over 7,000, the Customer Service Intranet site grew to more than 20,000 pages.  Since 2002, I have worked as Development Director with Fuel Agency, a west coast advertising agency, as well as an independent contractor assisting small, medium-sized and non-profit businesses. 

My total work experience includes non-profit, city, county and state agencies as well as private sector businesses, advertising and marketing firms. 

Above all, I know first-hand that excellent customer service and a strong work ethic are keys to the success of any endeavor.  I strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.  I truly believe that if my clients are successful, so am I.

Contact Me Regarding:

  • Site Design and Redesign
  • Code Validation
  • Site Standards Development
  • Site Maintenance - Updates performed within one business day - most completed within hours (ETC provided for larger projects)
  • After-hours support/troubleshooting
  • Email Customer Service/Support
  • Hosting setup and domain moves/repoints
  • Choosing a domain name and domain name searches
  • Email setup and client configuration
  • Optimization of site files
  • Copywriting/Proofreading
  • E-commerce
  • Installation and configuration of open source applications including photo albums & calendar applications
  • Email Marketing design and implementation
  • Powerpoint to video conversions
  • Social Media assistance
  • System Maintenance/Virus Elimination (For Local Customers Only)
  • Other services as needed - Feel free to ask