Former Clients

All sites for the clients listed below have been developed & managed independently by me or in a freelance capacity as Webmaster/Development Director for ad, marketing and branding agencies nationally.

  • 1906 Great Earthquake & Fire Exposition - Decommissioned by site owner after event
  • Adibarnir - Decorative interiors - Decommissioned by site owner
  • And Baby Magazine - Magazine was sold - Decommissioned by site owner
  • Atlas Personnel - Decommissioned by site owner
  • Avago - Special holiday projects
  • Blume Capital Management - Investment Advisors - site design and maintenance
  • Breakaway Matcha - Online store for specialty teas and ceramics - Initial store setup and development
  • DAKSolutions - Boat restorations and custom wood projects. Site Decommissioned.
  • EDI Watch - Health insurance anti-fraud, abuse and waste solutions - site redesign and maintenance - Company acquired
  • Episode Music - Decommissioned by site owner
  • Family Automotive & Repair, LLC - No longer in business.
  • Fresh Choice, LLC. - 2002 - 2009. Internet Website and a 2,000+ page Intranet site for improved company communications. Company no longer in business
  • Hartel Family Auto, LLC - No longer in business.
  • J. Merchant Law - Professional legal services - site redesign and maintenance
  • Just Tomatoes, Etc. - Natural dried fruits and vegetables - Intranet and online store redesign and maintenance
  • LABELWATCH.com - Consumer website that exposes cautionary ingredients in brand-name foods - Front end development
  • Lackawanna Chamber of Commerce - New Board of Directors/New Direction
  • Lackawanna Republican City Committee - New York political organization - Decommissioned by site owner
  • Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts - Development of email blasts, website updates, sweepstakes, maintenance and responses to customer service issues. Company sold
  • McCusker4Mayor - Mayoral candidate website - Decommissioned by site owner after election
  • Michael Anderson Photography - Sports Photography site
  • New York Internal Arts - Martial arts and Chinese medicine - Site moved overseas
  • Spectrum Restaurant Group - Maintenance of the main Spectrum Restaurant Group as well as the websites for the following owned restaurant chains. Parent company sold
    • Crabby Bobs
    • Guaymas Restaurant
    • Harry's Bar & American Grill
    • National Sports Grill
    • MacArthur Park
    • Prego Ristorante
    • Spoons Grill and Bar
  • Spirit of Fiat Lux - Initial e-commerce development, online movie editing
  • Tarot-by-Graybeard - Professional tarot reader - Decommissioned by site owner
  • Terra Linda High School 50th Anniversary - Decommissioned by site owner after event
  • The Lawn Party - No longer an active event.
  • Union Street SF - Assisted with site wide clean-up
  • Xing Lin Arts - Site taken over by Chai Healing Arts

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