There are so many web related resources on the Web. Below are some basics to get you started.

Hosting Resources:

  • InterNIC - Public Information Regarding Internet Domain Name Registration Services.

  • I host my site with Hostmonster.  I find the price is right, they're responsive, they have plenty of bells and whistles and a variety of hosting options that fit most needs. Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of Hostmonster and receive compensation for signing customers with their hosting service.

  • How To Choose The Right Web Host - Straight to the point article for getting started. Other points to consider would be what platform you should choose and what bells and whistles you would need. Ideally, all of these things should be discussed prior to building your site.

Development Resources:

  • Easy PHP Calendar - Do you need an online calendar application? Try this popular open source application.  I am available to install and configure this application to work seamlessly with your site. Here is a working example.

  • PHP Photo Album - This photo album can be formatted to fit into your site. Here is a working example. Consider using this for photos or projects.  It supports a variety of file types and can be configured to accept comments, send e-cards and more. Ask me about installing and configuring this for you.

  • Color Converter - Convert colors from Hexadecimal to RGB and RGB to Hexadecimal.

  • Image Converter - This Smart PNG and JPG compression tool will will lighten the image load of your site, making it more user-friendly for mobile visitors and conventional desktop users. Even images that were compressed through other means showed a significant size reduction.

  • Color Picker - Not all monitors display your colors as you see them.  Using web safe colors keeps the look and feel of your site consistent. 

  • How To Pick Your Keywords - Basics on how to choose the most effective keywords for your website. Though the keyword meta tag may become obsolete, I find that focusing on a list of keywords for your site will focus you on the outcome you desire.  Also, keywords can be very helpful if you plan to deploy a search engine on your own site. It is crucial that your site text include words that will be used on the search engines to find you.

  • Google Analytics - Google provided site web stats and a whole lot more! Very helpful if you want to track outgoing links.

  • OpenOffice.org - The free and open productivity suite. Built to work with Microsoft office documents.

  • Tucows.com - A good resource for shareware and freeware. I recommend taking great care when installing freeware or shareware as you may unknowingly install malware to your system.

  • W3C World Wide Web Consortium - Probably more than the average person will ever want to know about the web, but an excellent resource.  Has a wonderful suite of validation tools.

  • HTTP Status Codes List - Ever get a browser error message and not know what it means?  This site gives you the number of the code and a definition.

  • Convertico.com - An online Free graphics file conversion tool.

Other Resources:

  • Snopes.com - An excellent resource for verifying information received through emails.  You can verify the information BEFORE forwarding erroneous information.  We all have a responsibility to verify the facts before we pass them along.

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